Norrin Radd – Melodia di Infinità


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A relentless collection of Norrin's most prolific 8-bit work to date, including the infamous 18-minute super medley "Unfinished Symphony", the City Smasher collection, and a handful of brand new chips. Norrin Radd's first full length release throws the verse/chorus system out the window in favor of a non-stop whirlwind of ever changing melodies and harmonies. These meticulously crafted songs move at a swift pace and demand multiple listens to fully understand and hear all of the intertwining melodies.

01 Battaglia Dietro la Cascata 02 Horror on the Horizon 03 Pyramid Nebula 04 Never Ending Duel 05 Norrin and the NES take on Jean-Luc Ponty 06 City Smasher ~ City Smasher 07 City Smasher ~ Beach Ninjas 08 City Smasher ~ Cyborg Mission 09 City Smasher ~ Star Castle 10 City Smasher ~ Ivan Demolishka 11 Lost Compositions 12 Unfinished Symphony Artwork by Francis Coulombe.

20 Responses to “Norrin Radd – Melodia di Infinità”

  1. Phlog Says:

    I’ve been waiting a long time to have these tunes on an album, so that I can rank it amongs my absolute favorites!

  2. Shnabubula Says:

    Hell Yes!

  3. virt Says:

    Seriously, just insane. You can’t be human. Probably you’re some kind of silvery thing with a surfboard or something.

  4. Neven Says:

    This album made me stop smoking hash and rethink my life

  5. Neven Says:

    And City Smasher is the best game I’ve never played

  6. anewuser Says:


    Amazing release. Really cool rocking tunes, I love how you start the happy birthday song and then from there turn it into a song. Very impressive.

    Could you tell me what tools did you use…I thought it was famitracker :|

    Just F’N nice, now I need more in the same vein. Congrats!

  7. RushJet1 Says:

    Still kicking ass and taking names!

  8. Ikuma Says:

    This is pure brilliance.

  9. Ikuma Says:

    This is brilliant. Top class!

  10. Skoshu Says:

    just listening, great virtuoso stuff so far. heavily reminds me of virt at places.

    no wonder he likes it :P

  11. dragonhil1 Says:

    the best album i have ever owned.

  12. EvilWezil Says:

    This album is absolutely incredible. It is simultaneously inspirational and humbling. I think I might cry just a little.

  13. c-jeff Says:

    Fantastic release, Norrin! Thank you!

  14. CalmDownKidder Says:

    This album is the pinnacle of chipmusic, a must-have for any music fan.

  15. Anonymous Says:

    Awesome, fantastic stuff!

  16. arlen Says:

    Even after all these years, this album is still top notch in my eyes. One of the most unique releases I’ve ever listened to, not to mention one of my favorites! I still remember glancing over the tracklist and seeing Unfinished Symphony being 18:20. After I listened to it I was awestruck. This is definitely something everyone should listen to at least a dozen or so times.

  17. jandht Says:

    yup, still amazing.

  18. winged troika Says:

    And Unfinished Symphony, 18 minutes of smashup though it be, is nothing less than mind-blowing.


    simply an amazing album in every aspect fascinates me

    (sencillamente un album impresionante en todos los aspectos me fascina mucho)

  20. sad Says:

    Too bad these MP3′s are messed up :(

    They claim to be VBR when in reality they are CBR, theyre just somehow broken and dont play correctly on all music players.

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