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A story untold in the times of the Warring Nations. This is the narrative of Neutralite, a young hero chosen by elders of Neutral Town to protect their village from the unfolding conflict between the Plaid and Argyle nations prominent in Atebite and the Warring Nations.

01 Neutralite the Hero 02 Funky Fruitstand 03 Neutral Morning 04 Spirit Square 05 Grey Daycare Riot 06 Violent Violet Garden 07 Treasury of the Children - cowritten by Spamtron 08 Gobber Groove - cowritten by Spamtron 09 Untold Ending Artwork by Rich Vreeland.

22 Responses to “Disasterpeace – NEUTRALITE”

  1. johnathan godbolt Says:

    I’m really looking forward to hearing this. “8bit Genious” should be the subtitle to all Disasterpeace’s works.

  2. Lord_FraKtal Says:

    cant wait to hear this, cereal code is amazing;)

  3. Soruja Says:

    Each second of each song of each disasterPEACE album holds within its own trademark beauty. How does one man harness the power necessary to sculpt so masterfully on levels so minute? Some assert that he is the product of a secret military experiment gone horribly awry. Others claim that he fell from the sky as a comet passed close to Earth. And yet still there are those who are convinced that he is no mere man, but an ancient machination left behind by mankind’s forerunners.

    Upon the fulfillment of the prophecies and coming of the end times, his true nature will be revealed in the final symphony that will carry us all to infinity.

  4. Shnabubula Says:

    Soooooooooooo Good!

  5. Eric Says:

    This music is new, interesting, and completely beautiful.

  6. Redhades Says:

    I wasn’t too much into chiptune until hearing disasterpeace here on II.
    Rich’s music is a basket of tasty sounds that blend flavours of Final Fantasy 7 and Cave Story into a delicious homogenised ambience.

  7. alabama dave Says:

    i love it :D

  8. Celestial Says:

    i wished i’d known that this dude did 8bit tunes back when i was in school with him, it would have made for a sick collaboration.
    DP’s music has definitely evolved to the level which you’d considered to be professionally produced to go along with nes releases.

  9. panchohorror Says:


    totally freaked out

  10. Johan Says:

    8-bit Beauty, Great songs!

  11. Anonymous Says:

    Writers say it’s good to start off with a personal anecdote, so here we go: I love video games. I love the interactivity; I love seeing the various art styles; I love being able to just pick one up and tune out for hours at a time; but most of all, I love the music that is incorporated into them. It can be happy, sad, frightening, etc., but it almost always happens to be incredibly catchy. Sometimes the music is the defining part of a video game; the Super Mario Bros. theme comes to mind (It’s so catchy you’re probably humming it right now). As a little kid, these little electronic ditties were the soundtrack to my life, and they made me more curious about music as I grew older.

    Now here I am at 17 years old, having gone through many different tastes in music: from the blips of the nintendo to alternative rock, to industrial, to ambient house, to electronica and then to motherfucking classical. And now, it seems, I have come full circle in my listening habits as I sit here listening to Disasterpeace’s Neutralite.

    Disasterpeace, a one piece outfit manned by Rich Vreeland, has been part of the chiptune scene for a while. Chiptune, sometimes known as chip music, is music written in formats where the sounds are made in real time using a computer or video game chip. It is very closely related to video game music in that the medium they use is identical. Ironically enough, Vreeland actually uses commercial synthesizers that are patched to sound like the bleeps and bloops of yesteryear, so it is somewhat of a misnomer to call him a chiptune artist. Vreeland has released four albums so far: Jammage the Jam Mage, Level, Atebite & The Warring Nations and Neutralite.

    Alright, let’s get to the goddamn review. The initial thoughts you have while listening to Neutralite may go like this:

    What the hell are all these little beeps and boops?

    Answer: it’s eight bits of pure musical fun, and it’s coming down on your poor, deluded head.

    Neutralite manages to capture the catchiness of old game music without being trapped in the genres offtime simplicity. From the first track, “Neutralite the Hero”, to the last, “Untold Ending”, the melodic assault of simple waveforms and a drum machine never relent, making for a rocking, nostalgic, and ultimately fun listening experience.

    I’m not going to describe every song in this review, so allow me to review the highlights:

    * Neutralite the Hero – The first song on the album, it manages to capture the spirit of the work as a whole. It also is the only track on the album to include vocals (synthesized, however).

    * Neutral Morning – Bouncy, bombastic drums guide the song along to a point along thirty seconds in where the feeling changes from joyous to epic, finally leading to a beautiful arpeggio and then a reprise of the theme.

    * Grey Daycare Riot – A poppy song with a four-to-the-floor beat that almost becomes boring until all hell breaks loose and it turns into a chaotic mathrock thrash.

    All in all, Disasterpeace’s Neutralite captures the simple joy that comes from the noises of a Nintendo Entertainment System while conveying music that stands in it’s own right. I give it 9/10.

  12. Tom 7 Entertainment System Says:

    Thank you for ruling.

  13. Tom 7 Entertainment System Says:

    I am still listening to this like every day.

  14. Disasterpeace Says:

    thanks Tom! glad you like it.

  15. EvilWezil Says:

    I wish there was some way for you to score my life, but I know my life is not nearly exciting enough to merit that. I mean, how many times can you write a song about me looking for a job and getting drunk? Amazing release!

  16. Cold Says:

    Wow! It is an awesome album!
    This free one make me want to buy your new one and I think I’ll do.

    But I have one question, the sing in the 1st song is not made by a console, right?

  17. OH GOD Says:

    Yah, this is amazing. I was addicted as soon as that synth-voice came in on track 1.

  18. Valzi Says:

    Yep, this is grand stuff. If you ever want collaborate, perhaps on a concept album, I’d be interested.

    Take a listen if you’d to see if you are:

  19. Neenache.Joe Says:

    This album is Pheonominal…….I fuckin love it…thank you

  20. silly open source fan boy Says:

    You need to slap BY-SA on this! :)

  21. Tim Says:

    This album is great. I feel sad I didn’t discover it sooner.

  22. Chip Newbie Says:


    Those chip sounds are ballsy.

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