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Colchicine For Sale, 43 tracks of melodic, rhythmically complex NES music spanning three albums written by Alex Mauer between 2005 and 2006, each Eat People album presents a different approach to the same problem: how to present as much as auditory glee as possible within short game-style loops.

Eat People
01 Fun
02 Meto
03 Bag
04 Spaxe
05 Mead
06 Marlboro Madness
07 Tony Danza
08 Any City
09 Face Cards
10 Dungeon 2
11 Cxc
12 Nin-Nin Hall
13 Sawtooth Tiger
14 God I Went a New Job
15 On the Fritz
16 Baloog
17 Greater Than

Eat People 2
01 CA
02 AZ
03 NM
04 TX
05 OK
06 MO
07 IL
08 IN
09 OH
10 WV
11 PA

Eat People 3
01 Superland
02 Christopher Lockette
03 Yesdayter
04 Cnice
05 We Are the Fugitives
06 Bowling Alley Howl
07 Kfine
08 Ready
09 NJ
11 Healing
12 Fish of the Northern Star
13 Ocean Specific
14 God It Catches
15 Yesdayter 2

Artwork by Alex Mauer and Rich Vreeland.

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8 Responses to “Colchicine For Sale”

  1. shawn phase Says:

    oh ok

  2. Xyno ! Says:

    What !!!
    Eat People 1 2 & 3 thats sick !!!
    I wanted to download them but they are not on Alex’s website anymore…

    I just hope that Vegavox and Color Caves will not became sold out in 2 weeks hahaha

  3. Anonymous Says:

    Amazing stuff. Great harmonies within the melodies. Keep going.

  4. AJCF Says:

    One of the most talented artists in the chiptune scene, what’s not to like? An excellent release that I would surely buy :)

  5. Jason Says:

    Some of the best free music I have ever encountered–remarkably consistent for its length and genre.

  6. VEGA Says:

    How could I have overlooked this album? Absolutely stunning melodies, heard some of them in NoCarrier’s ROM flyers for the Tank. I just hope Alex Mauer continues to make his awesome music, couldn’t get enough of Antarctica.

  7. Antonio Says:

    “God I Went a New Job”? Not “God I Want a New Job”? I’m so confused.

  8. chris knight Says:

    EP1 is as good as/better than any “real” NES soundtrack…highly highly recommended.
    I love EP3 as well.

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