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20 Responses to “Buy Amikacin Without Prescription”

  1. Shawn Phase Says:


  2. enso Says:

    Y E S

  3. bucky Says:

    I’ll need to grab the cart. This rules.

  4. .sylCMYK Says:

    gentle and subtle. just the way how life should be lived. i can’t stop playing this. i think i’ve gone mad. oh boy im touching myself to the music, phew!

  5. Phlogiston Says:

    You’re a constant inspiration, Alex.

  6. Trianine Says:

    Another piece of awesome from a Mr. Awesome.

  7. genoboost Says:

    Been looking forward to this one!

  8. justin bailey Says:

    This is such an awesome album! I just tested the rom on my GP2X and it works great! Thank you Alex for making fantastic music.

  9. Derris-Kharlan Says:

    This is seriously awesome man..

  10. Brandon Says:

    Alex, you never cease to amaze me. I have listened to and championed your Antarctica release since I first discovered it as the end all and be all of chiptune music, but I think you may have very well outdone yourself this time.

    Thank you for making such wonderful music.

  11. Heos Says:

    Superb release as always, Alex. I did find it lacked a menu system, however. But that is just a minor thing.

  12. Xyno Says:

    Just one word to say…AWESOME !!!

  13. NOROCK Says:

    Oh YES! Finally :D

    Wish I had an NES to put one of your cartridges to use on.

  14. Nintendon't Says:

    This was a beautiful experience for the eyes and ears, i seriously wish i had the money for the cart.

  15. Videogame Orchestra Says:

    Superb! It’d fit perfect in a s
    ci-fi mystery adventure game of the late 80′s!

    Keep it UP!

  16. MM Says:

    awesome, looking so much forward to this!!!!!!! I love you Alex!!!

  17. Roland Says:

    this is fantastic, the fact that its on an actual rom with cool graphics is inspiring to say the least, love every track and every pixel, never stop making these.

  18. Xyz_39808 Says:

    Wow, thanks very much for making this album available (as your others). You have a knack for making tracks. Keep it up

  19. proswell Says:


  20. Nate-Train Says:

    Wow! Great music. Takes me back to my Final Fantasy, Zelda, and Phantasy Star days… which admittedly never ended. Great talent and great creativity. I am amazed at what you can compose with what would seem (by some) to be such a limited tool (toy?) box. But gamers know better don’t we?

    Keep up the great work! You are amazing!