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Buy Lipitor Without Prescription, From the icy depths of Canada comes "Pamplemousse", a loving tribute to the noble grapefruit. The J, australia, uk, us, usa. Purchase Lipitor online no prescription, Arthur Keenes Band skillfully mixes the tribal rhythms of their native Ontario with modern sounds in this fun-filled, action-packed romp for the whole family.

01 Supplicant
02 Catfish Lagoon
03 Dispatch
04 The Boring World of Niels Bohr

Creative Commons License

All songs written, purchase Lipitor online, Low dose Lipitor, performed and programmed by Dan McLay.
Artwork by Francis Coulombe

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40 Responses to “Buy Lipitor Without Prescription”

  1. Sean Says:

    Sorry, but this is a complete rip-off of Pomplamoose.

  2. Steve Says:

    This is insanely good. I’m on my third consecutive listen.

  3. arlen Says:

    :) glad to see The Boring World of Niels Bohr on here. Though I wouldn’t say his world was very boring.

  4. Kurt Says:

    This release is gold. i’ll totally vote this for best chip album of ’09.

  5. goto80 Says:

    top notch, thumbs up, hands down, ass up!

  6. EvilWezil Says:

    Nothing short of a triumph. I simply can’t wait for more! Those little reggae nibblets are quite tasty!

  7. Chetreo Says:

    Blasting it all day!

  8. PDF FOrmat Says:

    In response to the reaction to this album, I will release mine in 2010, so that it has a chance at being the best album of some year. It can’t possibly beat this.

  9. Shawn Phase Says:

    this release FEELS GOOD!

  10. Gibb819 Says:

    @Sean Pamplemousse is a word, how can it be ripped off?

  11. seal_of_quality Says:


    This is definately awesome!

  12. Laszcz Says:

    Great job man.
    If I knew you, Id shake your hand.

  13. SLeye Says:

    Excellent, i love it. Keep it up man!

  14. Le Fevre Says:

    @Laszcz i agree with you. also, sick record.

  15. Peer Says:

    Hell! You’re Buddy Lo-fi!

  16. Gabriel Says:

    This is beyond awesome.
    I tip my hat to you sir.

  17. nagash Says:

    this is the future of pop music! avantgarde, ftw! congrats!
    just love the album cover!

  18. DS-10 Dominator Says:

    Big up!

    (please discard last post)

  19. genoboost Says:

    Can’t stop listening to this! Fantastic release!

  20. The Next Forever Says:

    brilliant release :D just brilliant.

  21. tacticalbread Says:

    I seriously love this album. So amazing.

  22. Justin Says:

    Short but sweet!

  23. wizcom Says:

    I seriously love this album. So amazing. [2]
    Can’t stop listening to this! Fantastic release! [2]

    Supplicant is easily the best new pop song I’ve heard in a very long time.

  24. Sevier Says:

    Wicked stuff!! I’m pretty sure I saw you walking down the street, but I was so star struck and shy too say anything!!

  25. Kaijin Defence Force Says:

    I like this very much

  26. James Says:

  27. Bit Shifter Says:

    This will never get old! Instant classic.

  28. cbomb Says:

    I finally burned this to a CD a week ago, so I got to really listen to it. Thank you for making this dude, I can’t stop listening. so sensible. My current fav is “dispatch”, especially when that melody kicks in around 4:07.

  29. Rei Yano Says:

    I am more than shocked by this release. It has changed my perception forever. To say that this EP is a great release is such an understatement… It is monumental.

  30. 10k Says:

    Even after this long, I am still listening to this release.
    It is so, so great.

  31. The J.M. Says:

    First I thought having a guitar with the chiptune noises would not make the album enjoyable. (I’ve been listening to electric guitar music since middle school and only started chiptunes as a freshman in college). Then I realized that they make a wonderful chemistry. This band pulls it off better than what I’ve heard before. They should be mainstream.

  32. errrg Says:

    i hate this album. so much.

  33. ochobit Says:

    Beautiful job i love it! thanks for share! greetings from Venezuela!

  34. Laszcz Says:


  35. Downstate Says:

    It’s definately on my mp3 for life. Icredible songs.

  36. Lexa Says:

    I would marry you.

  37. arglactable Says:

    Skillfully blends the sounds of chiptune music with those of indie rock. Unfortunately, I can’t stand the collective pile of derivative, simplistic, talentless shite that is the indie rock scene. It’s well done, no doubt, but I still can’t stand it. It would be far more interesting to see chiptunes and guitar blended if, for instance, the guitarist could do anything beyond basic strumming. And when did painfully amateurish singers become cool? Is it the style now to have god-awful diction and mediocre pitch control? It seems like in the past decade or so, our standards have REALLY fallen (that’s scary, considering how low they were before).

  38. Starpilot Says:

    this album is fucking amazing!!!

  39. Fanarial Says:


  40. 10k Says:

    Coming back for more still in 2016.

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