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Female Pink Viagra For Sale, Anomaly is the newest album from Canadian chiptune artist, Norrin_Radd. Four years in the making, Female Pink Viagra overnight, Female Pink Viagra price, coupon, Anomaly is a concept album following a mortal traveler exposed to the horrors of infinite time and space. Musically, Female Pink Viagra use, Canada, mexico, india, Anomaly weaves together the genres of technical death metal, prog rock, Female Pink Viagra street price, Female Pink Viagra pictures, and thrash into extremely complex and anomalous arrangements. Arrangements created to mirror the confusion of the horrified traveler, Female Pink Viagra cost. Female Pink Viagra without prescription, Technically, Anomaly is a hand crafted tribute to the style and sound of the Nintendo Entertainment System, is Female Pink Viagra addictive, Female Pink Viagra dangers, following all of the same limitations imposed by the original hardware. Albeit taken to a further level with the addition of growling DPCM vocal tracks and post production.

01 Anomaly
02 Desert of Blackened Sands
03 Four Lights
04 Process of Macrocosmic Emaciation
05 Naga Sotuva
06 Reciprocal Dimensions
07 Paradoxes are Unveiled
08 Proton Decay
09 Quantum Uncertainty
10 A Barrage of Hostile Abstractions
11 Becoming Superluminal
12 Nucleation of a Child Universe
13 Never to Return
14 A Castle Under Siege
15 Spinning (NES Spiral Architect cover)

Creative Commons License

Visualized by Francis Coulombe

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66 Responses to “Female Pink Viagra For Sale”

  1. Phlogiston Says:


  2. Norrin_Radd Says:

    Phlog! You made my dreams come true! ^__^

  3. Nestrogen Says:

    I’ll be purchasing a copy. Congrats on the release!

  4. Neil Baldwin Says:

    Ace! Been waiting for this since you first told me about it. Purchasing immediately.


  5. Morden Says:

    Hell yes! I’m listening to the album as I type this and I have to congratulate Norrin Radd [obviously, a Silver Surfer fan] on a job well done. If you’re in need of some complex, enjoyable beats, that will melt your brain, don’t hesitate and order a CD or download this package now.

    Also, this time the package includes original Impulse Tracker files, which I think is an awesome bonus. Keep the tracking alive!

  6. Chema64 Says:

    Thanks for sharing the .it files! The best release of the year so far IMO, excellent musicianship and production quality (as always).

  7. Steve Says:

    Oh, dang… I’m not sure if I’m ready for this.

  8. Battlerager Says:



    This is such a fantastic release, and the bonus tracks and .it files are the best bonus one could hope for. Thanks so much!

  9. arlen Says:

    oh shit oh shit oh shit oh shit!!!!!!!!!!!

    :D I’ve been waiting since Pause’s debut for this album!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111

  10. Rainbowdragoneyes Says:

    so much brutal, so much fucking badass, you win

  11. spamtron Says:

    Very excited to hear this. holy shit.

  12. Iggnsthe Says:

    Really great album from what I’ve heard so far! I ordered a copy, and cannot wait for it to get here…

    Great work indeed!

  13. kris Says:

    k this is metal as fuck. i love it!

  14. C-jeff Says:

    OMG, Norrin. That’s unreal!

  15. Thretris Says:

    Finally I can “settle down”… but still, thanks for the longest boner ever ;) Consider this the first chip album I have actually paid for.

  16. Daemon9623 Says:

    My babies. Have them.

  17. hpizzle Says:

    fuck yea! this is incredible.

  18. nazzilla Says:

    oh my god!blast bit power!
    absolutely kickass, winderfull release.

  19. Norrin_Radd Says:

    Dudes, you guys are making me blush! I seriously can not thank you all enough for the support. This story is definitely happy end. I’ll be mailing out the first wave of albums on Monday the 19th!

  20. EvilWezil Says:

    EPIK. Effing epik. A masterpiece of aggressive behavior! The rhythms… the harmony… the… THE HORROR!
    I’m overwhelmed by awesome- I’m drowning in this!

  21. Capcomposer Says:

    Fucking AWESOME!! Heard it first at Thretris’ house… Then I came home and bought it! Best album ever!!!

  22. Blake Says:

    DUDE! – I need a copy soon

  23. Zan-zan-zawa-veia Says:

    this is neato as all hell

  24. R13 Says:

    Asskickin’ def chip brut dm, ’nuff said (headbanging). Worship the Unholy Chip!

  25. Azagthoth Says:

    Descend into the nether void

  26. Jesse Says:

    Awesome, nuff said. Found this on freemusicarchive.org which led me to your MySpace which led me here. Definitely reminds me of stuff made by Konami, Sunsoft and Capcom. You’ve got some wicked skills. Keep up the great work.

  27. Phlogiston Says:

    I got copy #1, oh yeah! Stoked to have it in my collection – it looks super (and sounds, duh!). I dig how the image on the actual CD stretches all the way from the inner circle and all the way out.

  28. dice Says:

    This is so dope. Metal solo NAILED on a NES. I’m in awe.

  29. Wheely Says:

    Great album and hell yeah a fucking great cover art

  30. videogame orchestra Says:

    SUPERB!!!! BRAVO!!!!
    And a big big BRAVO to iimusic as well for keeping high standards as always!!!


  31. nekkz Says:


    \m/ Waaaaah \m/ Ultra Death!!!!


    Loves all those NES blast beats.

  32. Conen Says:

    One of the best chip releases i’ve ever heard.

  33. Norrin_Radd Says:

    And with that, my friends, I have sold out of physical copies of Anomaly! Thanks to everyone who purchased a CD, and also to everyone who has taken the time to check this project out. I may eventually do a second printing of CDs for Anomaly, but for now, these bad boys are out of print!

  34. Antonio Says:

    This is just fricken’ amazing. I didn’t find I’d find a chiptune release to stand beside “Electric” in the pantheon of my Rate Your Music five-stars but here it is. A srs bsnss review on the site is forthcoming.

  35. Antonio Says:

    Now that I think of it, I’d like to see a track-by-track breakdown of the music. Y’know, like a detailed outline of the story. (Heheh, not to mention it’d help with my review.)

  36. NYTHYHEL Says:


  37. Norrin_Radd Says:

    Antonio, if I understand you correctly, you just need a break down of the theme behind the album? Let’s see if I can do this. Basically the album is about an explosion that depressurizes a space ship, causing an entire crew to die in open space. Taking a page out of the Marvel Comics, one of the crew is selected by the Abstract Embodiment of the Universe to become the embodiment of a new ‘child’ universe. Hence the Anomaly. Through interpretation, and misinterpretation, the survivor tries to make sense of the initially horrifying situation, before slowly becoming massless. At the point the survivor reaches 0 mass, he essentially sees the universe as if time did not exist. From beginning to end at a single point. Without warning, the survivor continues to lose mass and eventually becomes negative in mass. This causes him to travel backwards in time, which inevitably propels him back to the beginning, where he coalesces with the big bang. At this point, he becomes the abstract embodiment of a new child universe, and it can all start again. Anyway, hope that helps.

  38. Norrin_Radd Says:

    Lastly, you can see the complete lyrics on my myspace page, for now.


  39. winged troika Says:

    You’ve beautifully combined physics and 8-bit music; my two most favorite things! For this I dub thee (in addition to your primary dub of “Silver Surfer”, of course) the Pixel Physicist.

  40. tacticalbread Says:

    The lyrics make this album to much more awesome than it already was, and it was really awesome already.

  41. Antonio Says:

    Really, dude, how do you come up with this stuff? It’s mind-blowing. Err, anyway, yeah, helps quite a lot. Thanks!

  42. Geoff Barone Says:

    Man – I thought me and my 2 other prog-nerd friends new of the band Spiral Archictect – amazing cover of an amazing song from a rediculous technical band.

  43. Psi Says:

    Wow, that’s blown me away, really impressive. Any chances for a second batch of CDs in foreseable future?

  44. Norrin_Radd Says:

    I would definitely love to do a re-release at some point, especially since I really dig the art design on the CD ^_^. But At this point, I would have to do some kind of special edition version or something, with a few bonuses to justify a re-printing. I would love to record vocals for Paradoxes are Unveiled, and maybe add 1 or 2 bonus tracks. At least that will always be the dream.

  45. Emol Says:

    Dude, this amazing album needs a Special Physical Edition ASAP. I just can’t tell how amazed I’m with this shit… You’ve got so much talent…

  46. lordkramdar Says:

    This shit is so amazing. True Old School Death Metal in Nintendo form? Oh god, fuck yes. Reminds me of Darkthrone’s Soulside Journey mixed with the TMNT 1 soundtrack.

    I’ve always wanted to do an OSDM band that played video game covers.
    You sir, have reversed this idea and I am in fucking awe.

    Top notch shit. This is coming from someone who listens to strictly aggressive-based music like Grind & Death Metal (I’ve always loved VG music though) and I knew of chiptunes but never got into it, now you’ve turned me on to a whole new thing.


  47. feelafraid Says:

    This album is brutal and I’ve been listening to it regularly since it came out. Awesome work!

    Also, I should mention that I saw on 8bc that people thought that your music was silly. I’m not a big metal fan or anything, but I think you’re very skilled and creative and this is a stunning release!

  48. Norrin_Radd Says:

    I really appreciate you guys leaving such amazing replies!

    lordkramdar, I am pleased to hear that as such a core metal fan, you still enjoyed the album’s metal aspects. I tried extremely hard to represent real authentic death metal. Nothings burns me more than when people mislabel their work ^_^.

    By the way, I would love to hear an OSDM band doing VG covers. PLEASE MAKE THIS A REALITY!!!!

    feelafraid, Thanks for the compliments! I usually understand when people consider Anomaly to be silly, and I don’t mind. This album is very over the top in concept, and that is definitely not everyone’s bag. Part of the reason I named the album Anomaly is because for as serious as I took the writing process and lyrics, I know\knew this album is\was silly as hell!

  49. Biont Says:

    Oh god I love this album so much!!
    I’ve been searching for some decent chiptune tech death for ages! This is almost too good to be true.
    Being a huge fan of both brutal death metal and chiptune music, I immediately fell in love with your work.
    PLEASE make a second batch of CDs, I absolutely NEED this in my collection. Too bad I didn’t find this earlier

  50. SEPLOPHILE Says:

    Hey man, I just wanted to say, Anomaly is one of the coolest things I’ve ever heard. A long time fan of both death metal and electronic music, seeing the two converge in such a cool way is mind blowing to me. It’s not often that I get amped up over new stuff (having played music for the better part of the past 15 years in bands all over the musical spectrum) but when I heard this, I was seriously blown away, and can’t stop listening to it. Being in a death metal band myself, I was just amazed by the sheer focus and obvious love and patience you had to do this.

    I am also a LONG time user of Impulse Tracker and MODPlug (started tracking around 1998, at the age of 14) doing techno, house and trance stuff, but also using it to attempt to make rock and metal, so your album to me is like a great culmination of something I had always hoped to do but never could (I did end up tracking the drums for my high-school progressive metal band’s sophomore record using it though, maybe I’ll send you it when I finally am happy with the mix!). I recently started listening to a lot more chiptune stuff, having heard about it but being seriously out of electronic music for a while to play in bands, and I came across your stuff, and I know I won’t find anything I enjoy more. This speaks volumes to me, and I’m trying to get as many people to listen to it as I have time to do.

    I just figured I’d drop you a line to say job well done, and I’d shake your hand if I saw you in person. I’ll be looking forward to whatever you do in the future. Keep in touch and well done!
    By the way, the lyrics are awesome, and the idea to incorporate vocals is a killer idea. I just can’t stress how much I like it.

    Sorry if you got crit by the wall of text. – Matt

  51. Norrin_Radd Says:

    It’s always very surreal to me when real metal musicians appreciate what I was trying to do with Anomaly. Because this was not entirely an effort to create a death metal or chiptune album, as it was an effort to make a chiptune album sound death metal (or possibly vice versa).

    It’s strange. You said that creating rock and metal as electronic music was something you always wanted to do, but never could. I actually know exactly how you feel, because I tried for many years to make thrash and death metal music as a band (or even solo), but never could, myself. Two sides of the same coin, my man!

    All I can say is, your support means a great deal to me. And SEPLOPHILE has definitely made a new fan \m/

    @Biont: Damn, I may just have to look in to a re-release!

  52. Xyz_39808 Says:

    So who has gotten all the lyrics memorized?

    *raises hand* \m/

    This album is exhausting to listen to because I just have to air drum these.

  53. arglactable Says:

    This is truly an amazing release. As a long time nerd and not so long time Metalhead, I have to say that this is just… Transcendent. This is without a doubt the greatest thing I’ve ever heard in 8bit, rising triumphantly over the 8bit Opeth remixes I heard a while back. I REALLY hope you re-release this sometime, because it would be absolutely amazing to have a physical copy of this.

  54. Chuck Says:

    Yes man, great stuff, you should work in vg music industry ahah stay stocked man, love you !

  55. Dylan Hager Says:

    What the fuck is this bullshit?!? this is not Norrin radd. Im actually pretty pissed off that you would call this ass fucked pile of crap in relation with such a notorious name. Norrin Radd is an amazing chiptune artist but this IS NOT his music.

  56. chaosscizzors Says:

    this guy stole the opening riff in disillusion’s “and the mirror cracked” and put it in proton decay. i am very, very disappointed…

  57. Norrin_Radd Says:

    Well there is no better place to explain this story than here: Believe me, that has weighed on my mind even to this day. Rest assured, I was never attempting to steal this riff and claim it as my own. I have tried to offer this information to everyone I have ever talked to about the album on forums and interviews (And I listed it in the CD liner notes for the physical release), but it is inevitable some people will hear it online, and not know what I was trying to do with it. It is on this album due to the strange way I went about creating metal on the NES. In trying to find a protocol for how to convert metal ideas in to chiptunes, I recreated that small section of And The Mirror Cracked as a test case, back around the time that album was released. At that point, I had no aspirations to create an album, but I did want to see if metal could be created in an NES form. Since it was just an experiment, I continued writing off of that Disillusion piece to see where I could take it (which is the way I would also create VGM Guitar Arrangements for the Dwelling of Duels). I ended up writing a lot of original material that surrounded that one piece of Disillusion’s riffs, and that is a mistake I will always have to live with. The mistake was staying so close to the original material. Nearly 3 years after I wrote the rest of Proton Decay, I really struggled with whether or not I should include it on the official album, or whether I should put an asterisk in the title, indicating that 10 seconds of it were based on a Disillusion track. In the end, I decided it was not enough music recreated to warrant a longer song title, but enough to make me look like a chump if people had heard the original. Another mistake. Recently, as a result of my continued guilt over this, I created a youtube medley of EVERY song that had any sort of inspiration on Anomaly, because I would rather people know, that not know (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LTl3IktobNY). The only thing I need to clarify is that this was, from the beginning, an experiment to try and create some actual metal in an NES format. Along the way I tried to use examples of really evil sounding music, or extremely technical music, and a lot of very small sections of Anomaly are inspired by tons of actual songs. None quite as glaring as the Disillusion track, and the Jon Finn track (see the youtube vid when you click on my name). For any fans that truly loved those sections, I am sorry I did not write them.

  58. Carl Douglas (Argyle) Says:

    Good of you, Norrin, to come clear on that so humbly. Building upon something that you appreciate can lead to some inspired and unexpected creative discoveries. I’m sure anyone who has pursued honing their art skills has studied and tried to reproduce an image or emulate a certain style of artwork from an artist that they are awe inspired by. Even after they’ve started to get a better grasp on the methods and became comfortable enough to expand those practices to take it in their own direction. But do they go back and throw away any work that was based on another just because 10% of it had eyeballs drawn criminally similar to their favorite comic book cover’s hero? For what it came from along with what you managed to create alongside it, it’s something to take pride in. And hey, if the end result isn’t shamefully dreadful, it is flattering to find that somebody appreciated your work enough to build something entirely new that revolves around your creation (as long as they aren’t shady about it and claim it to be totally original…)

    As for the music, I have to dig this album up every few months and loop it all day just to remember how epic and well crafted each track is. Great chiptunes that grind harder than tons of legitimate metal bands out there. The bass (percussion and bass guitar alike) really seal the deal for me.

    Also your song titles always get me and my wife laughing and spending all day trying to outdo each other by coming up with the most overly embellished ways to describe things. Walk out in the cold and get the sudden realization that you have to pee really bad? “Subtemperate Tidal Epiphanies of the Urethran Biome Complex”

  59. chaosscizzors Says:

    sorry it took me this long to respond but i totally forgot i even posted this here until a friend pointed it out for me.

    i apologize for accusing you of thievery, i hadn’t known that you mentioned your borrowing of that riff in the CD release (sorry, i’m a pirate, sue me (but don’t really please, i do enjoy your work and i had to hear the album in full for myself x_x;)). they say mimicry is the finest form of flattery, so i suppose it was never that big of a deal anyway, but it was simply a glaring issue i personally had with the album. just promise me that you wont do it in your next release. =P

  60. Jordan Howard Says:

    Hey Matt,

    Jordan from Indie Pool here – saw you on Retro City Rampage’s Bandcamp and wanted to get in touch.
    I do a ton of stuff for artists around here; short run CDs, distribution, stickers & posters, mobile payments and music licensing for film & TV, among other things.

    I think we should have a chat at some point. Can I send you a sample package?


    Jordan Howard
    Artist Rep, Indie Pool
    1-888-88-INDIE (toll free)

  61. Kory Says:

    Just gonna say, I’ve been loving this album. Hugely inspirational. I certainly hope you continue to make badass music!

  62. Nameless Says:


    I really should’ve said something back when it was released, and I thought I did (hell, maybe I have), but better late than never.

    This album is a goddamn masterpiece. I know of very few albums that have been this inspirational to me (of which none is chiptune… or well, virt’s new FX4 may change that). It is amazing, original work, and more chiptune should take this direction. It’s a stark contrast to the likes of Bitch Shitter (a loving homage, not a childish insult), Nullsleep of the past, and the countless of kiddos playing in the same happy hardcore-ish style that is indubitably the genre norm. Here we get something darker, something that combines two of my favorite things: 8 bit music (as a retro gaming thing much more so than a scene one) and brutal-ass metal. Very much my favorite chiptune album.

    Having that said,


  63. Nameless Says:

    Excuse the double post, but furthermore, like I said, it has been inspirational. Like, totally inspirational. It has to a small extent changed my life. It has given me something I want to achieve. I don’t want to make the same thing — in fact, my direction would often be quite different and very likely have no audience whatsoever — but this has stood as the biggest inspiration in many of the ideas I’ve had for a few years now. The realization that I didn’t need a band to perform vocals, and that I could do what I want alongside the awesome sounds produced by my favorite console (and one with highly sentimental value), played in any style I want, was a grand revelation to say the least. And although I haven’t taken many steps forward thus far, I am yet to look back. Years later and I’m still excited about doing this, about releasing music, whenever I’m good enough.

    That said, your music means a great deal to me, and I want to thank you. Well, you and that one guy on YouTube who brought me to your MySpace years back, whoever he was.

  64. Norrin_Radd Says:

    Wow, Nameless. I only check this page occasionally, but I am glad I did because your posts have really been a remarkable thing for me to read. I definitely did not intend to potentially change lives with this album! But I totally understand what you mean, particularly about being in “stark contrast” to what you expect from the genre. That’s sort of where I got the name for the album. I wanted everything about this album to be in stark contrast to expectations. Not just musically, but in the approach to music as well. An anomaly in every regard.

    There is a fine line between being a goofy nostalgia troll, or truly believing in a concept. Like you, two of my favourite things are NES music and metal. But two things that do not go together by default. In order to create this album, I really had to contemplate what made the metal, thrash and prog I was listening to, the way it was. Naturally, I could not just load up a preset, or plug in a guitar to get those sounds, so it all came down to volume envelopes, dynamics, humanistic tempo changes, and melody. If you strip away everything but those things, is what you have left over still metal? I really wanted that answer to be yes.

    I think it is a hard question for any metal head to answer especially, because of the affectations of the genre. It’s easy to hear a monstrous guitar riff and a growl and immediately recognize it as METAL! But when you strip everything out and just hear the the things I mentioned above (like a death metal unplugged concert, haha), what are you actually hearing? If it is not still something you can consider metal, then metal exists only thanks to its affectations. Which is fine too. I LOVE the way metal sounds. But when I listen to an album like Slayer’s Reign in Blood, I can’t help but feel like those riffs represent something beyond just the guitar they are played on. The notes themselves hold some answer to why I like the music in the first place, and the feeling I get from listening to it.

    That was why I wanted to created this album, because there is something there. If I could harness the essence of what made the music enjoyable to me, then I might be able to better understand why I like the music in the first place. It’s a tough question to truly answer about anything. Have you every wondered what the exact reasons are that you like something? It’s almost an un-winnable thought experiment to trace your personal tastes back to their origin. But the struggle to understand is what results in an album like this.

    Of course, I understand that the concept would never appeal to everyone, so I knew from the start to take the concept as seriously as possible, but be as self aware of it as possible. In the end, You can laugh with it, laugh at it, or just bang your head to it, and I still consider it a mission accomplished.

    Thanks for checking out the album, and thanks for leaving some messages here, man. I really hope you do take steps forward towards your own project! Drop me a line if you’re ever stuck and need some help! I’d love to hear what you come up with!

  65. guitar service Says:

    What would Eddie Van Halen do?

  66. Daemon9623 Says:

    I only made my album because anomaly existed. I never would have been able to get my music into the form I wanted it to be in and express myself that way if this album hadn’t been made. Exploring the tracker files, learning how to make my own music from the experience discovered here, truly humbling, eye-opening, and utterly inspiring.

    Still remains, to this day, one of the most masterfully crafted albums I own.

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