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Phenergan For Sale, sadnes is an exploration of self, and a coming to terms with prior occurences. Two parts early 90's Seattle and one part Famicom, Phenergan interactions. Phenergan photos, Here are 6 tracks that will make you wish ripped jeans and messy hair were back in style. It's time to hate your parents.

01 Little did you know
02 Underwater
03 Take you out
04 Fill my head
05 Wicked game
06 For your health

Artwork by Rebecca Merriam, taking Phenergan. Phenergan reviews, Follow sadnes on facebook.

Creative Commons License

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33 Responses to “Phenergan For Sale”

  1. enso Says:

    This is great, ya dingus!

  2. Dauragon Says:

    Love the cover art :D

  3. Scattle Says:

    Oh wow! yeah, this really reminds me of Smashing Pumpkins or something. This is amazing!

  4. StevenKraan Says:

    Great great great…oh, and nice as well ^__^

  5. tacticalbread Says:


  6. Da Pantz Says:


  7. sadnes Says:

    :) :) :)

  8. Zax Says:

    Having such a great time listening. I want to personally thank you for putting your music up for anyone to experience. I’ve had your Wicked Game cover stuck in my head since I listened to Henry Homesweet’s 2010 Essential Chiptune mix… and have him to thank for linking me to this page. :D

    Keep doing the amazing work you do. For yer health.

  9. cTrix Says:


  10. *E Says:

    Carl this is wonderful! I hope to hear a return of Sadnes soon!

  11. Downstate Says:

    The bestest record of 2010 so far by a mile. I cant really describe with typing these mere words how great it is. Splendid record squire.

  12. godinpants Says:


  13. radio scotvoid Says:

    well done on another fantastic release Carl – u da mang!

  14. keny1992 Says:

    Hello I like your music, this is different and nice. Keep up the good :)

  15. Blank form Says:

    It does taste like the 90′s!

  16. mr. spastic Says:

    good job, the release was really well done, from the recording to the composition. new and fantastic classic.

  17. dmyra Says:

    Holy cArp, good set, “For your Health” is best ever, punto, love it, what an anthem, and the production, a treat

  18. superflat Says:

    Thanks so much for this record… there’s a wicked blend of lo-fi chiptunes and early 90′s grunge in your sound man. Heard you via Bytejacker… Keep up the good work, think you’re destined for great things!

  19. sadnes Says:

    I would kiss you all on the mouth at the same time, If I could.

  20. Jeff Says:

    I LOVE THIS!! You’re a great artist. I’ll be sure to spread the word.

  21. Feryl Says:


    Thank goodness you can’t.

  22. Josh Derocher Says:

    Great songs man! keep it up!

    I’ll be sure to stop by again to see what else you do!

  23. Carlton Says:

    very nice record, reminds me of a mix of robot science and old of montreal <3

  24. skGbb Says:

    it’s like kurt cobain playing mario at a rave
    inna very awesome way

  25. Jens Alfke Says:

    I like this quite a bit! Definitely brings back memories. Thanks for making it free.

  26. jz Says:

    still listening to this a lot! i had to delete the chris isaak cover, but the original songs are fucking rad.

  27. Valve Says:

    Good stuff! Thanks sadnes! If I weren’t on the other side of the states I’d be at all of your shows!

  28. tomczak Says:

    Excellent release. I’ve been listening to this quite a bit recently.

  29. Mdotstrange Says:

    This is great! Best new stuff I’ve heard in a long time! Awesome music ^ ^

  30. Konni Says:

    Awesome EP!!

  31. Kyle Says:

    AMAZING album

    I hope to hear more from you ASAP!

    I’m promoting you on Tumblr as well – hope you don’t mind?

  32. phil Says:

    i love your music!!!
    really great songs, not “too” lofi, just enough.
    beautifuls melodies&voices, good arrangements, good mix.

    keep up the good work :)

  33. Jesse Says:

    when people like your music, ya make more ya dringle!

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