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Buy Ultram Without Prescription, The eclectic outcome of countless carefree, cheerful and spirited nights spent making music with outdated consoles before they kicked the bucket.

01 Machine Gum
02 Why
03 Peanut Butter Brain
04 Rollo le Robot
05 Magic Whale Trick
06 Snakepit
07 Impossible Flare
08 Lizard Dub

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25 Responses to “Buy Ultram Without Prescription”

  1. CynicOptimism Says:

    Incredible album. Is the artist named “???”?

  2. br1ghtpr1mate Says:


  3. Disasterpeace Says:


  4. anonymecoquin126 Says:

    je t’aime simon xxx apelle moi

  5. Battle Lava Says:

    @CynicOptimism: yup that’s his artist name.

  6. max Says:

    Yo mon frere excellent CD !!

  7. anonymous3ses3 Says:

    Really REALLY good. Love it.
    I’m a musician/composer myself, this guy knows what he’s doing and he’s good at it.

  8. 10k Says:

    I am so glad this exists.

  9. XyNo Says:

    Holy Sh….
    My friend ??? on II ! This is absolutely awesome !
    Thumbs up Simon…yé vraiment nice en plus l’album !!! :D
    to CynicOptimism : Yes he is called ??? ! :P

  10. halc Says:

    this is amazing! very inspirational stuff. great album cover too! :)

  11. Zen Albatross Says:

    Q: “How do you pronounce ‘???’”
    A: “You don’t”

  12. Feryl Says:

    @Zen Albatross

    Q: “How do you pronounce ‘???’?”
    A: “Triple question mark.”

  13. Cityscape, Go! Says:

    Awesome stuff ??? one of the nicest releases I’ve heard in a while.

  14. DaPantz Says:

    Absolutely ridiculous quality. Very good.

  15. Mr. Spastic Says:

    nice funky jams. simple grooves that are quite fun and enjoyable. Well done.

  16. Apricorn Says:

    Holy Shit.
    This is awesome.

  17. Frisbee Says:

    I was tweeting away on twitter trying to find something to cure my boredom – and WHIZ – somebody I follow tweeted this post. Now, I am not quite as bored. Thanks for posting awesome material. – Frisbee

  18. Diacho Says:

    Most surprising new album I’ve heard in a while, and not just in chip music. Really great stuff!!

  19. trough Says:

    @Zen Albatross

    Q: How do you pronounce “???”?

    I just make a sudden really confused facial expression when I need to say ???.

  20. Ashtom Says:

    Did anyone notice that the end of “Impossible Flare” is actually a ‘cover’ of Zelda 2′s battle soundtrack?

    Anyway, nice job!

  21. an open window Says:

    yeeeeaaah Zelda. this is awesome.

  22. José Says:

    Wow. This REALLY REALLY blowed my mind. Not just as 8 – bit thing. WE WANT MORE.

  23. Jumjumwei Says:

    This has become one of my favorite albums lately, from start to finish it is a gem. Please create more.Love the dub influence. Is this all ??? has out, or maybe he/she has other aliases?

  24. stolenfat Says:

    found this website associated with the artist.

    Plus, this album is sooo good.

  25. velu Says:

    filesystems hate your front name!

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